Oakland in the White House

Today’s a big day for many of us… Inauguration Day. After 4 years of being in a mental and emotionally abusive relationship we are finally rescued by Biden and Harris.

It’s been a rough 4 years but we can finally sigh in relief. Hopefully, our former President and his posse will quietly go away.

I was excited when Obama won… our first Black President. It was a major sign of change… but now our first Female Vice President and she is a Black Woman (African American and East Asian)… Wow, this is simply amazing.

As I sit here typing this out, I am speechless and shining with pride. Not only is she a minority, she is also a Bay Area Girl like me. She was born in Oakland and Raised in Berkeley. I am the opposite. I was born in Berkeley and from the age of 3 was raised in Oakland. The whole bay area is extremely proud of her.

I know I should be excited about Biden… and I am. I think he will bring the love and compassion to this country that we need to heal. I’m excited about Biden being in office, however it’s a different kind of excited and pride I feel for Madam Vice President Harris. She’s one of us and she’s made it pretty much to the top… we’re just missing one more step which I am confident if she does a good job in her current position we will one day be referring to her as Madam President.

My sister just texted me some elementary class photos… my brother went to school with Madam Vice President Harris. How cool is that…

This has been one of my happiest days in a long time… even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic and the numbers keep rising around me… I am feeling hopeful.

xoxo, Rosie

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