Weekend Agenda

That’s my Christmas Tree above… yes, I know we’re in the middle of March. No, I didn’t have intentions of turning it into an Easter Tree… I simply didn’t feel like taking down the tree at the appropriate time. Here’s the deal… I am EXHAUSTED from putting up and taking down a tree every year. I’m just not feeling it anymore. However… TheVPrincess insists on me putting up a tree every year, even though this Christmas she put up her own (first) tree at her own home.

This past Christmas I put it up very late. I did it about December 23rd. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not – even though I was planning on celebrating Christmas as my apartment and had intentions of having a few family members and guest over. But right before the holiday I was notified at work that I had been exposed to Covid-19 and I needed to come home and quarantine alone ASAP… all my Christmas plans went out the window. I’d been spending the holidays alone.

I decided last minute I wanted to put a tree up and I did… but taking it down a few days later seemed like too soon… and then next thing you know it’s the middle of March and the tree is tipped on it’s side against the window and only half way down. Most of the ornaments are wrapped away in plastic boxes, the others are laying on the floor just waiting to inevitably be accidently broken.

It’s a working weekend this weekend… One, I’m broke… and two Spring is basically here and I’m envisioning myself hosting cozy little get togethers at my place or fun crafting sessions in my dinning room.

So here’s what’s on the agenda for this weekend:

  • Put my tree away
  • Clear my living room floor
  • Clear all the extra clutter around my living room
  • Dust the living room
  • Vacuum the living room
  • Go over the kitchen
  • Go over the dinning room
  • Do 3 loads of laundry
  • Vacuum the hall
  • Clean the entryway

I feel like if I focus I can get that all done on Saturday morning/afternoon… however I tend to get distracted. I’ll keep you posted on what gets done…

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