I had this idea of a fabulous headshot…

Me - Sick

I had this idea of posting a beautiful intro post with a fabulous fresh headshot of myself, or possibly a shot holding Tallulah the Terrific in my arms. Something fun, cute and staged… unfortunately I’ve been sick for two weeks… and impatient about getting better so I can take a better picture. I wanted to start this blog now that I have momentum. I could of posted an old picture, maybe something from my birthday… but I wanted to post a current photo… and well…

The above picture is my current state. Last week I spent the week in health limbo… feeling kinda sick, but not sick enough to call in sick or to slow down. It kind of felt like it was suck in me and it didn’t want to surface nor go away. Until last Friday when all hell broke loose.

I got off of work, went to the gym… redeemed my coupon for a Free Session with a trainer… I was so out of it the poor trainer had to repeat herself a few times for each exercise. By 10am Saturday morning I was in bed, headache, body aches, slight fever and nasty cough… I’ve pretty much been here since.

I spent the week in bed. Thursday I felt better, I went to work… made it through the day wearing a mask and gloves because of my cough. But on the way home the aches were back. This morning I woke up and felt sick again… went to work spent 3 hours there and my body was done. I was choke coughing, aching and clamish. Maybe I tried to do too much too soon.

Now I’m wrapped in a blanket, sitting on my couch binge watching “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” and making Cosido De Res.

Hi. I’m Rosie.