Oakland in the White House

Today’s a big day for many of us… Inauguration Day. After 4 years of being in a mental and emotionally abusive relationship we are finally rescued by Biden and Harris.

It’s been a rough 4 years but we can finally sigh in relief. Hopefully, our former President and his posse will quietly go away.

I was excited when Obama won… our first Black President. It was a major sign of change… but now our first Female Vice President and she is a Black Woman (African American and East Asian)… Wow, this is simply amazing.

As I sit here typing this out, I am speechless and shining with pride. Not only is she a minority, she is also a Bay Area Girl like me. She was born in Oakland and Raised in Berkeley. I am the opposite. I was born in Berkeley and from the age of 3 was raised in Oakland. The whole bay area is extremely proud of her.

I know I should be excited about Biden… and I am. I think he will bring the love and compassion to this country that we need to heal. I’m excited about Biden being in office, however it’s a different kind of excited and pride I feel for Madam Vice President Harris. She’s one of us and she’s made it pretty much to the top… we’re just missing one more step which I am confident if she does a good job in her current position we will one day be referring to her as Madam President.

My sister just texted me some elementary class photos… my brother went to school with Madam Vice President Harris. How cool is that…

This has been one of my happiest days in a long time… even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic and the numbers keep rising around me… I am feeling hopeful.

xoxo, Rosie


It’s crazy how much life has changed in the last few months. Right after I wrote my intro post on March 11 – Corona Virus (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic and on March 13 a national emergency was declared here in the United States due to COVID-19. That’s when it seems all hell broke loose and everyone rushed to the stores to start stocking up.

I was one of those people… I didn’t get to the store until late that Friday night and basically picked up anything I could find on the shelves… those who didn’t stock up called those of us who did crazy… looking back now, I realize I was a bit crazy. I ended up donating most of my hoarded food to a woman who feeds the homeless here in my city. So, it wasn’t all bad – at least the Camp People benefited from it.

Alameda county has been sheltered in since Monday, March 16th. San Joaquin county has been sheltered in since the rest of California has been Friday, March 20th.

It’s been 4 months… a lot of people still haven’t returned to work and living on unemployment. I fortunately am considered a Disaster Worker… which means not only am I a Essential Worker, but if they need me elsewhere in another position I am obligated to go. In a way I’m lucky, because I get to still go to work and have human interaction.

At first, I was a little sour about not being able to work from home. But I think after a while I’d get lonely and maybe depressed. I don’t know how long we’ll have to quarantine… I guess until everyone follows rules, I just seems that we have too many people not taking this serious.

I want this blog to be a happy place, but felt it was necessary to address our current situation and where I have been. I’ve been just trying to keep up with life and stay positive during such a negative time.

I promise not to take so long to post again. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking now that a lot of restaurants are closed… so expect some recipe posts soon.

xoxo, Rosie

I had this idea of a fabulous headshot…

Me - Sick

I had this idea of posting a beautiful intro post with a fabulous fresh headshot of myself, or possibly a shot holding Tallulah the Terrific in my arms. Something fun, cute and staged… unfortunately I’ve been sick for two weeks… and impatient about getting better so I can take a better picture. I wanted to start this blog now that I have momentum. I could of posted an old picture, maybe something from my birthday… but I wanted to post a current photo… and well…

The above picture is my current state. Last week I spent the week in health limbo… feeling kinda sick, but not sick enough to call in sick or to slow down. It kind of felt like it was suck in me and it didn’t want to surface nor go away. Until last Friday when all hell broke loose.

I got off of work, went to the gym… redeemed my coupon for a Free Session with a trainer… I was so out of it the poor trainer had to repeat herself a few times for each exercise. By 10am Saturday morning I was in bed, headache, body aches, slight fever and nasty cough… I’ve pretty much been here since.

I spent the week in bed. Thursday I felt better, I went to work… made it through the day wearing a mask and gloves because of my cough. But on the way home the aches were back. This morning I woke up and felt sick again… went to work spent 3 hours there and my body was done. I was choke coughing, aching and clamish. Maybe I tried to do too much too soon.

Now I’m wrapped in a blanket, sitting on my couch binge watching “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” and making Cosido De Res.

Hi. I’m Rosie.